Director, Francesca Alice is an experienced project manager. For the past 15+ years, she has managed diverse communications (writing, editing, publication development), research and learning processes for the education, government, hospitality, international and community development sectors in New Zealand, Australia, Southern and East Africa.

Her consultancy, Wordslice, was formally established in Australia in 2008, and registered in South Africa in 2018 to provide the following services:

  1. Communications: writing for a broad range of audiences and projects; editing and proofreading.

  2. Research: project design and implementation; literature reviews; case study and ‘stories of change’ development; monitoring and evaluation (M&E) planning and tool design; transcriptions; data collection and analysis.

  3. Process support: publication management (editing, design, layout and all related project management); learning synthesis to process and analyse programmatic and organisational content (documents and data) into key learning documents and knowledge products for organisational strategy and programmatic learning.

Wordslice works closely with clients to create high quality, useful content, and can facilitate creative collaboration with writers, process facilitators and graphic designers if necessary through its partnerships with dala! Consulting Services, Communicating Simply and Lumo, among others.

Wordslice’s work is written in easily accessible, plain language (English) and tailored for a range of audiences. Samples can be found here.


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Sharpen your content

Wordslice provides copy editing and proofreading services for a range of documents, including: 

  • research and evaluation reports and case studies

  • programme documentation (operational and strategic plans, programme and monitoring frameworks, and tools/templates) 

  • business reports/proposals/marketing materials

  • academic journal articles or books

  • design competition submissions

  • postgraduate-level theses for students (some with English as a second language). 

Wordslice provides three levels of service, depending on the stage of production:

  • proofread for errors as a final check once a document’s content is finalised and it has been laid out by designers.

  • copy edit for grammar, spelling and consistency.

  • substantive or structural editing, where I, as editor, advise writers how to improve their work.

See IPEd for more information about what editors do.

Client testimonials

‘My experience with Wordslice was fabulous and exceeded my expectations. I cannot thank them enough for their professional, highly efficient services and quick turnaround times, which helped to make this stressful period much easier and more manageable. Francesca was meticulously thorough in every aspect of the editing process, from footnote, correcting grammar and sentence restructuring. I appreciate not only the professional help that was given throughout but also the continuous support and encouragement from the editor. I look forward to using your services again for my Ph.D.’
Masters candidate, UNISA (Pretoria, South Africa)

'Francesca proofread and edited my PhD, which is possibly one of the most important pieces of work I have ever had to write. She did it with great diligence and professionalism. Her work ethics are second to none and she kept to time frames. I would work with her again in any important project.'
Ph.D candidate, University of Stuttgart (Durban, South Africa)

'Francesca helped us in copy-editing a report on land tenure formalisation in Tanzania, and her work was professional, excellent and timely. It was a pleasure working with her, and I would recommend her for similar and/or related work.'
Oxfam (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

'Francesca is our go-to wordsmith at key moments for our business. She provided high level editing and writing support when we were selling our hospitality outlets in 2008, putting together comprehensive sales documents with attractive, visual elements for potential buyers, and supporting associated legal processes by collating information and editing content for a legal audience. When we were looking for investors for a subsequent project in 2011, we turned to her to develop an attractive business profile. Recently she has worked with our Managing Director to fine-tune his professional profile, updating his resume and developing content to promote his social entrepreneurship and business activities. Her style is collaborative, but she also just gets it done - essential in a fast-paced business environment!'
Octane Espresso and The Original Cocoa Traders (Melbourne, Australia)

'I found Francesca's service to be prompt, affordable, forthright and thorough. Collaboration with her was one of the better decisions I made during my PhD candidature. It was an important part of transforming several of my chapters from academic jargon to readable and accessible work.'
PhD Candidate, Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia)

'Francesca proofed my CV to correct spelling and grammar, but also had an intuitive sense of what employers look for. She suggested small changes that really added value, and in the end I was the successful candidate.'
Melbourne, Australia


Wordslice’s research portfolio includes designing, managing and delivering research projects at global, national and organisational levels; strategic and programmatic monitoring, evaluations and reviews. Our approach is grounded in sociological and feminist research principles, using participatory methods.

Wordslice works with a team of research assistants to support projects, including providing transcription services.

Thematic areas are broad, as Wordslice brings technical design and implementation skills, but have included the following: 

  • active citizenship and accountability

  • gender and ‘key populations’ (includes LGBTIQ+, sex workers, people living with HIV)

  • sustainable livelihoods and agroecology

  • international and corporate volunteering

  • organisational learning models, including hubs and learning networks

  • capacity and organisational development approaches

  • human trafficking and labour exploitation in Australia

  • graduate outcomes in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Client testimonials

'Francesca ensured processes ran efficiently, adhered to demanding timeframes and maintained an exceptional level of confidentiality working across a multitude of conflicting opinions and reports. Francesca is disciplined, efficient and works to a high standard. She is able to think objectively and compile comprehensive learning feedback.’
Oxfam International global project (Durban, South Africa)

'Francesca is an excellent writer and project manager. She has a brilliant ability to conceptualise complex information and synthesise into meaningful language. She has strong research skills, and is excellent at mentoring staff to think outside the box.’
Australian Red Cross (Melbourne, Australia)

Process support

Publication management

Wordslice’s has managed a range of publication development processes, from planning, to content collection (writing, sourcing images and artwork and collation) to graphic design and layout, to editing and final proofing.

Wordslice works closely with clients to create high quality, useful content, and can facilitate creative collaboration with writers, process facilitators to create content, and graphic designers if necessary, through its partnerships with dala! Consulting Services, Communicating Simply and Lumo, among others.

Learning synthesis

Wordslice’s particular passion within the broad frame of “M&E” is learning synthesis. Above all, we like to ‘keep it simple’ to ensure accessibility and ownership of process and outcomes. To that end, Wordslice works in a participatory manner with teams and organisations to design M&E and learning processes using critical reflection approaches. Where possible, research and evaluative projects seek to understand and link programme and organisational practice to strategy in meaningful ways.


‘We use Wordslice for a number of services, including editing and print proofreading for product packaging, collateral materials and developing our social media strategy. In particular, Wordslice assisted us with planning our online content and managing designers to complete different aspects of the visual features involved. We really appreciate the efficient service Francesca provides, with clear communication and often a quick turnaround on seemingly difficult projects.’
The Original Cocoa Traders (Melbourne, Australia)

'The Oxfam Australia country office in South Africa commissioned a Mid-Term Review of the far-reaching program 'No Longer Vulnerable' (NLV). One recommendation was for "conscious reflection" amongst staff "to interrogate and reflect on their experiences more critically to derive a set of principles that might inform future work". Francesca was commissioned to write up the lessons from the health component of the NLV based on her deep understanding of the work and her relationships with both staff and partner organisations. The emergent learning paper stood out as a piece that stimulated critical reflection. A complex process and its results have been captured in a clear, succinct form that provides Oxfam Australia with the key process lessons from what became a 'flagship' program. As the co-convenor of this process, I was very impressed by the quality of work.'
Assoc. Prof. Scott Drimie (CapeTown, South Africa)

‘Francesca has an exceptional ability to work with complex concepts and refine these into accessible content for sharing and learning, without losing the essence of the concept. She has a passion for sharing lessons from development practice and uses her analytical and editorial skills to ensure that her work is of the highest quality. She has worked across a range of contexts and this enriches her overall skill sets.’
Oxfam Australia (Melbourne, Australia)




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